1st December 2017


Cultivating authentic leadership, focus and creativity to drive productivity and performance in a continuously transforming world

1st December 2017 | London

Why Attend?

In a world of evolving technology, ever changing business models and processes, the demands of a leader are not only increasing but also stressful.

How can we, as business and people leaders,  adapt our approach to keep up with the demands we face?

At this year’s annual Mind & Matter Leaders Dialogue connect with like-minded and aspiring leaders from business, the public and charitable sectors with the world of mindfulness. The Dialogue will explore how mindful leaders benefit across three key pillars of leadership: Resilience, Emotional Intelligence and Productivity and Performance.

Increasing complexity, uncertainty and the need to deliver effective leadership through change, has placed incredible strain on today’s leaders.  Under these circumstances, maintaining high levels of performance, reaching peak performance when required, maintaining energy, motivation, clarity of thought and general wellbeing presents a major challenge.

Mind & Matter Leaders will discuss and demonstrate how mindfulness practices can help you maintain wellbeing and develop stronger resilience to cope with a complex and changing environment.

Emotional Intelligence
The complexity of modern leadership requires that you spin many plates at once. Because of this, it is vital that you are able to gain a better understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses and those of the people around you.

Mind & Matter Leaders will examine the key skills mindfulness brings to emotional intelligence and which in turn will help you become a more authentic leader. These include:

  •    Self-knowing
  •    Self-control
  •    Empathy and relationship skills
  •    Big-picture thinking and a more optimistic approach
  •    Adaptability

Productivity and Performance
The workplace is now seen as a journey, not a destination. The challenges of leadership are constantly evolving and leaders are required to adapt and be continuously in state of learning. Leaders need to see ‘over the horizon’ and master the agile mindset.

Scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated how mindfulness helps develop cognitive plasticity, improving existing skills and your ability to learn new ones. In addition to this, the cognitive space nurtured through mindfulness practice frees up creativity, innovation, the ability to take decisions and measure risk.

On a practical level; mindful practice has shown to provide demonstrable benefits on specific tasks, including:

  • Managing meetings
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Project delivery
  • Increased results from the people around you

Above all, mindful leading impacts on the general wellbeing, happiness and motivation of the people around you – generating cascading benefits across the organisation.

Join your peers at this year’s event to take an evidence-based approach to mindful leadership – including sharing cutting edge neuroscientific and psychological thinking, workplace based case studies and personal stories.

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Why Attend

  1. Find out how mindfulness can support you as you navigate three core pillars of modern day leadership; resilience, emotional intelligence, productivity and performance
  2. Explore the latest neuroscience of mindfulness and how it affects the brain
  3. Take-away practical mindfulness techniques to transform everyday tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity
  4. Connect with like-minded people who share similar opportunities and challenges as you
  5. Learn from the experts who are driving mindful leadership forward globally
  6.  Develop a less reactive leadership style through implementing mindfulness practices
  7. Learn how leading more mindfully can drive transformation within your teams and overall organisation



Really helpful mix of industry and academic content; great to see how Mindfulness is being applied practically within the workplace.

Procter & Gamble

Fantastic two day event which provided huge insight into the application and adoption of Mindfulness , coupled with providing massive network opportunities – excellent !!!

Jaguar Land Rover

Very informative, providing both expert views and real life business examples.

Hampton Knight

Engaging, informative and thought provoking.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Fast moving field that has really developed since I last looked, with good practical application in industry.  High quality participants- showed the momentum in the world.

Standard Chartered

I came out feeling very energised and happy to know so many other people are thinking alike.


Day was pacey and interesting, with a great range of speakers.

Department of Health


08.30 - 09.15

Registration and Coffee

09.15 - 09.30

Chair’s welcome and intro
David Pearl, Managing Director, Founder and Business Innovator, Pearl Group and Street Wisdom

09.30 - 10.00

Leadership and Followership: two sides of the same coin?
Dr Shaun Davis, Group Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability, Royal Mail

  • Leadership is a trendy subject but in isolation is ineffective
  • Leadership is complex, multifaceted and fragile
  • Mindfulness is one of the tools in a leaders toolkit and when used consciously and being cognisant of the follower, can make for a much more effective rounded leader
10.00 - 10.40

PANEL: Examining the new demands on leaders: how its evolving and disrupting and how mindfulness can benefit
Chris Tamdjidi, Co-founder and Director, Kalapa Academy
Andrew McCulloch, CEO, Picker Institute, Europe
Bruce Greenhalgh, Global Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead, BT
Lisa Barnwell, Founder and Director, Bumps and the Boardroom

  • The new pressures facing the modern leader
  • An introduction to the emerging evidence, both scientific and in the workplace, on the impact mindfulness can have on resilience, creativity, problem solving, social intelligence and decision making
  • Neuroscience and brain fitness: What happens to the brain during mindfulness practice
  • The difference between developing leaders to developing leadership
10.40 - 11.00

Mindfulness: the impact and influence of the movement in Parliament
Tim Loughton MP, Co-chair, Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group

  • Sceptics and converts: how the mindful movement might change the way parliament conducts itself
  • The capacity and limitations of government and institutions to influence organisations
  • Key recommendations and progress of the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group
11.00 - 11.15

One year on…update on progress from the Mindful Nation UK report workplace recommendations
Jamie Bristow, Director The Mindfulness Initiative
Emma Wardropper, Mindfulness Teacher, Consultant, Psychotherapist, Emma Wardropper

  • How well does the private sector understand the benefits of mindfulness?
  • The key challenges faced when introducing mindful practices to leaders and stakeholders
  • Progress and limitations
11.15 - 11.40

Introducing mindfulness into the organisation and overcoming embedded cynicism
Robert Stembridge, Managing Director, Accenture Technology
Rasmus Hougaard, Managing Director, The Potential Project

  • ‘Dharma in disguise’: bringing mind training into profit and non-profit organisations
  • The ripple effect and how mindful leaders can positively impact the productivity, creativity and sustainable performance of those around them
  • Why ethics, values and compassion are key components of both mindfulness and successful leadership today
11.40 - 12.05

Networking and Refreshment Break

12.05 - 12.20

Mindfulness as an effective and integral part of a global leadership development strategy
Debbie Jeremiah, Mindful Leader Program Manager, Faculty Emerging Leader, GE Crotonville

  • Why customers prefer mindful organisations to mindless entities
  • How to capitalise on the “natural mindfulness” already present in many employees
  • Why mindfulness could become a standard part of leadership development in organisations of the future
  • Practical steps steps used by GE to incorporate mindfulness into leadership and organisational development
  • Challenges and pitfalls
12.20 - 13.00

PANEL: How mindfulness training is best delivered to organisations in a manner that matches their values, goals and existing KPIs
Moderator: Louise Cox Chester, Managing Director, Mindfulness at Work
Debbie Jeremiah, Mindful Leader Program Manager, Faculty Emerging Leader, GE Crotonville
Natalie Benitez-Castellano, Partner and member of the Management Committee, BlueBay Asset Management LLP
Caitriona Whelan, Head of Compliance and Controls , Royal Bank of Scotland
Sara Brewer, Consultant

  • What training is currently available and how is it being delivered?
  • What sort of measurable outcomes, costs and ROI might we expect?
  • What might a mindful leadership training module look like going forward?
  • What happens when you hit a brick wall?
  • How can we build a business case for investment?
  • Why mindfulness over other leadership initiatives?
13.00 - 13.30

CASE STUDY: Embedding mindfulness within complex and diverse organisations to create high-performing leadership teams
Martin Stepek, mindfulness consultant; Director of Culture and Communications, Wright, Johnson & McKenzie LLP and CEO, Scottish Family Business Association
Bonnie Clarke, Director for Scotland, Badenoch & Clark

  • Evaluating the language that must be used when introducing mindfulness into the organisation to overcome scepticism and resistance
  • Helping people to do the right thing and demonstrating the broader benefits of doing so
  • Introducing mindfulness properly so to mitigate fear and unhappiness and finding the right teacher to counter this
  • Maintaining and sustaining peak leadership performance
  • What mindfulness is bringing today in terms of objectivity, productivity and values
  • The role of the leader in nourishing talent, increasing engagement and loyalty
13.30 - 14.30

Networking lunch and Mindful Lunchtime Pause

Pop along to a guided mindfulness session to give you a helpful refresh and pause in the day with Emma Wardropper
14.30 - 15.10

The Mindful Leader: the latest evidence on how and why mindfulness practice makes a difference to leadership
Michael Chaskalson, Founder & Director, OPENMIND WORK Ltd
Dr Megan Reitz, Associate Professor, Ashridge Executive Education

Over the past year Dr. Megan Reitz and Michael Chaskalson at Ashridge Executive Education have led a ground-breaking multi-methods study into the impact of mindfulness training on the key leadership capacities of leading in complexity, collaboration and resilience. They will share with you how they developed their ‘Mindful Leader’ programme and what helps and hinders busy executives to learn new skills. They will also discuss their quantitative and qualitative results and share how and why mindfulness practice might play an important role in leadership development.
15.10 - 15.40

Overcoming the "Perceived Weirdness Index" to make mindfulness relevant in business
Deborah Rowland, Founder, Lead Free Consultancy
Tom Glover, Chief Commercial Officer, RWE Power

  • Exploring why mindfulness has to be a radically different way of delivering leadership development (mindfulness is caught not taught)
  • Ensuring that the corporate culture and system surrounding the leadership development is supportive and integrated
  • Assessing the need to build collective mindfulness outside of the leadership development itself, to ensure it is not a waste of money
  • Why mindfulness is not enough: the research showing that systemic capacities are an essential component alongside mindfulness
15.40 - 16.00

Facilitated Q&A with audience panel
Facilitated by:
Mark Randall, CEO, Mark Randall Consultancy Ltd

An opportunity for attendees to reflect, dissect and discuss with one another some of the important issues discussed today
16.00 - 16.20

Networking and refreshment break

16.20 - 16.40

Authentic leadership
Sir Anthony Seldon

  • Compassion, resilience and social intelligence
  • Managing stress at a healthy level
  • How leaders can create a culture of wellbeing across the organisation
16.40 - 17.00

Mindfulness in the workplace: the perspective of a practitioner
Gary Greenberg, Head of Emerging Markets, Hermes Investment Management

  • The opportunities and challenges of bringing mindfulness to leaders
  • The benefits of mindful thinking within a financial services environment
  • How mindfulness can lead to better decision making, aiding mental agility, focus, clarity and risk management
17.00 - 17.30

PANEL: An exploration of how much mindfulness practice a leader needs in order to achieve the benefits
Moderator: Juliet Adams, Founder, and Director, A Head for Work
Mark Randall, CEO, Mark Randall Consultancy Ltd
Parham Vasaiely, Manager - Feature Strategy and Delivery, Jaguar Land Rover
Gary Greenberg, Head of Emerging Markets, Hermes Investment Management

  • Creating a safe environment that encourages people to try mindfulness out
  • Question: In making mindfulness accessible, are some of the core elements being lost?
  • Why knowing about it isn’t enough and the evidence for how discernible changes to neuroplasticity take over 6 weeks
  • Steps that can be taken to help people remain engaged in mindfulness to ensure they achieve the benefits of long-term practice
17.30 - 17.40

Chair's roundup and closing thoughts
David Pearl, Managing Director, Founder and Business Innovator, Pearl Group and Street Wisdom


Andrew McCullochPicker Institute EuropeCEO
Bonnie ClarkeBadenoch & ClarkDirector for Scotland
Bruce GreenhalghBTGlobal Health and Wellbeing Clinical Lead
Caitriona WhelanRoyal Bank of ScotlandHead of Compliance and Control
Chris TamdjidiKalapa AcademyFounder and Director
David PearlPearl Group and Street WisdomFounder, Managing Partner and Inventor
Debbie JeremiahGEMindful Leader Program Manager
Deborah RowlandLead Free ConsultancyFounder and Director
Dr Shaun DavisRoyal Mail GroupGroup Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability
Emma WardropperDirector
Gary GreenbergHermes Investment ManagementHead of Global Emerging Markets
Jamie BristowThe Mindfulness InitiativeDirector
Juliet and A Head for WorkFounder and Director
Lisa BarnwellBumps and the BoardroomFounder and Director
Louise ChesterMindfulness at WorkManaging Director
Mark RandallMark Randall Consultancy LtdCEO
Martin StepekWright, Johnson & McKenzie LLPDirector of Culture and Communications
Megan ReitzAshridge Executive EducationAssociate Professor
Michael ChaskalsonOpenMind WorkFounder
Natalie Benitez-CastellanoBlueBay Asset Management LLPPartner and Chief Administrative Officer
Parham VasaielyJaguar Land RoverFeature Integration Manager - XCL Features
Rasmus HougaardThe Potential ProjectManaging Director
Robert StembridgeAccenture TechnologyManaging Director
Sara BrewerConsultant
Sir Anthony SeldonUniversity of BuckinghamAuthor and Historian
Tim LoughtonMPCo-chair of the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group
Tom GloverRWEChief Commercial Officer (Commercial Asset Optimisation)




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